Our Wounds Are Still Healing

Forged Words.

My mother never speaks of the war. Every time it comes up, all we manage to get through are few words, emotional sighs and a “may we never live through such again”. I remember how eager I was to watch Beasts of No Nation, how that eagerness was cut short because my mother refused to watch the movie after the first few scenes. I still remember the look in my mother’s eyes as she said, “baby, o zugo, it’s okay. I can’t watch this. Take this away.” And so I stopped the movie. I looked at her and knew that it was just not the movie, but the memories that it reminded her of and the pain that it brought to her.

When my mother finally speaks of the war, it makes sense why she has refused to speak of it for so long. It’s not that I…

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Dysmenorrhea! Oh Dysmenorrhea! 



Funny, a large number of people don’t even know what this term means. Let’s try a simpler term.. “Period cramps”??? See… now we’re all on the same page. ‘Dysmenorrhea’ is just a medical term fancier and geeky way to describe Period pain, cramps, etc.

So this is not one of those posts to educate you on the how’s and why’s of dysmenorrhea. This is a post of educate you on how to behave around people with dysmenorrhea. Truth is there’s no adequate way to explain the pain you’re feeling…some people have tried…

“it feels like there’s a fat man sitting on my uterus”

“it hurts like I’ve laid a million eggs and they’re all hatching”

“it’s really bad, like someone glued and duct-taped the inner wall of my uterus and then started violently ripping it off. And on top of that, you have diarrhea, and sometimes an upset stomach.”

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Yup, that’s me. The Girl who’s been a newbie on this site for more than a year now. The thing is, I really don’t know how to manage a blog. Or what to even blog about really. I have ideas but lack the creativity to put those ideas into motion.

Ideas anyone? I’m always open to suggestions. 😊